Four Tips For Selling A Piece Of Equipment At An Auction

If you have heavy equipment that you are no longer in need of, consider selling it at an auction to get as much for the equipment as you possibly can. When you sell a large piece of equipment at an auction, it is important to properly prepare. The following guide provides you with tips for making sure you can get the most money that you possibly can for your equipment.

Not All Steel Is Created Equal: Gauging The Strength Of Structural Steel Sheets

If you have an industrial project that requires a lot of structural steel sheets, be sure to not fall in the trap of thinking that all structural steel is created equally. There are several factors, from age to manufacturing process, that can affect the strength of steel. Here is a guide to testing steel strength and quality.  Stats for Gauging Strength The biggest statistic for determining the structural strength of steel sheets is a measure of tensile strength.

Crane Safety 101

Many construction jobs require the use of a heavy-duty crane to lift equipment and supplies. If you are planning to use a crane for your next job, taking the time to brush up on some safety basics can be beneficial. Here are three crane safety elements that you should go over with your employees before beginning any construction job where a crane will be used. 1. Hand Signals The potential for injury is increased whenever you bring a crane onto a construction site.