4 Key Aspects To Consider When Purchasing A Welding Helmet

Are you in the market for a new welding hood? Choosing a welding helmet might seem easy until you find countless options on the market. Like most products, all helmets are not created equal. Therefore, you might need a few guidelines to help you pick a welding helmet that will suit your needs and applications. The following are key considerations when buying a welding helmet. 

1. Lens Options

The standard welding helmet often comes with a single fixed shade lens, which often blocks ultraviolet and infrared rays. It provides basic protection against light regardless of the intensity of light from the soldering task. Once done, you'll need to lift the hood to see your work. 

However, you can find helmets with inbuilt sensors to help adjust the shade of the glass depending on your point of focus. For instance, if you start welding, the sensors will darken the shade of the lens to block out extreme light. Once done, the sensors will lighten the shade to allow you to see the results. 

2. Weight and Size 

Welding is a complex and hazardous task. It requires comfort and relaxation to avoid accidents. The weight and size of the helmet will determine how well you work. An ideal helmet sits right on your head without inflicting pain or unnecessary pressure. It should also be lightweight to avoid straining your neck and shoulders. Therefore, take your time to pick a helmet that makes you feel relaxed. 

3. Your Budget 

Welding helmets can be found in different varieties. They come in numerous price tags, each offering unique features. You need to understand what you want in order to set a budget. Basic versions, such as those with fixed shade lenses, are often affordable or reasonably priced. Added features and capabilities such as air purification and variable shade lenses may increase the price. Let your preference, features, and budget guide you when choosing an ideal welding helmet. 

4. Size of the Viewing Area 

Before you leave with a welding helmet, ensure it has a sizeable viewing area. The better you can see, the better your welding results will be. A large viewing area allows you to make precise welding cuts. You can also avoid accidents if you are still aware of your surroundings. This also means producing higher-quality metal products without using too much energy. 

Welding hoods have been improving due to changing features and technologies. Even if you are on a lean budget, you could still get something to deliver long-term benefits. Use the tips above to select a hood that will protect you and serve you for a long time.

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