How Diamond Can Extend The Life Of Tools And Reduce Replacement Cost Over Time

Diamonds are well known as one of the hardest substances on earth, and using them on cutting tools can be highly beneficial. Many tools use some form of diamond edge, and some tools use more diamonds than others to do the work you need to be done. 

High-Quality Diamond Blades

When considering diamond blades for cutting materials like concrete or steel, you need to look at the blades carefully. Some diamond tooling and cutting blades use more diamonds on the cutting edge and will last longer on the job but are a bit more expensive. The more diamonds are on the blade, the higher the cost is in most cases, but this may not mean a longer-lasting edge. 

Most blades only have diamonds on the edge of the blade about a sixteenth of an inch back, and more than that is not necessary, so buying a blade that advertises more diamonds on the blade may not offer you any additional benefit. The bond quality is often more vital, so you may want to research and find some reviews on the brands before choosing any diamond tooling or blades for your job.

Diamond Tooling 

Cutting tools are not limited to blades, and some common diamond tooling includes drill bits, milling bits, and grinding tools. These all benefit from the hard edge that the diamonds provide to remove material better and last longer on the job. 

Bonding the diamonds to these tools is a complete process, but in most cases, the diamond chips are mixed with powered steel and then heated to allow the steel to flow around the diamonds. The steel can then be welded to the tool or forged into it, resulting in diamond tooling that is hard, durable, and sharp enough to cut some of the hardest materials with ease. 

When used with an end mill, for instance, there are very few metals that the diamond tooling would not be able to cut through. Over time the diamonds do chip away, and the tooling will eventually become dull, but when diamond tooling is mode right, it will last two or three times longer than standard tooling.

There are tooling manufacturers that can make custom diamond tooling for you if you need it, but it can be costly to have made. If there is something you need for a specific job, it may be worth having the tooling made for you, but talk to the tooling company about what they already offer to see if there is something you can use and save some money at the same time.

Contact a diamond tool manufacturer for more information.