Using Crushed Stone To Cover Your Driveway

Crushed stone is a popular solution for individuals that need an option to improve the functionality and appearance of their home's driveway. However, homeowners that are looking at an option for their driveway may neglect using crushed stone due to assuming that it will be more difficult or far less effective than choosing concrete or asphalt paving.

Appreciate The Advantages That Crushed Stone Can Provide For Your Driveway

Having a dirt driveway leading to your home can severely impair the accessibility of the property, as it could be easier for the driveway to become flooded and covered in thick mud that may make it unsafe or impossible for your vehicle to travel over it. Placing a layer of crushed stone over the entire length of the driveway will help to prevent mud from making the driveway unnavigable, and it will still allow for excess water to more easily drain from the driveway.

Ensure The Stone Driveway Is Deep Enough

When you are using crushed stone for your driveway covering, it is important to ensure that the crushed stone is deep enough. Ideally, you will want the layer of crushed stone to be at least a couple of inches deep. If the layer of crushed stone is too shallow, it will wash away much more quickly, which may result in you needing to have this layer replenished sooner than you would have otherwise needed, and the thinner layer of crushed stone will also provide less-effective protection for your driveway.

Use Edging To Keep The Crushed Stone In Place

Intense rain and vibrations from vehicles driving over the crushed stone can cause it to start spreading out away from the driveway. This can make the protective layer of crushed stone too thin to provide effective coverage, while also potentially negatively impacting the surrounding landscaping by covering it in small pieces of stone. Luckily, this is a problem that is particularly easy to address. For example, if you place edging along the entire perimeter of the driveway, you can keep the crushed stone in place while also adding a pleasing highlight to your property. If you are planning to install this edging on your own, you will need to make sure that the edging is properly anchored. Otherwise, it may loosen and fall over, which could ruin the aesthetic that you were hoping to achieve while also potentially reducing its effectiveness at keeping the crushed stone in place.

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