Six Signs That Your Industrial Operation Can Benefit From Having An Automatic Tank Girth Welding Machine

Having an automatic tank girth welding machine at your industrial facility could possibly lead to significant improvements in your work processes. You should be aware of the issues that automatic girth welders help industrial facilities to deal with to determine if you should acquire this piece of equipment.

The following are six signs that your industrial operation stands to benefit from having an automatic tank girth welding machine:

Welding tasks are consuming a lot of time and resources at your work site

Probably the biggest overall benefit that an automatic girth welder offers is that it can make the welding process faster. If you're losing a lot of time onsite handling welding jobs, you might be able to speed up production at your site with the help of an automatic girth welder.

You're typically welding with metal parts and sheets that are on the larger side

Automatic girth welders are sometimes not suitable for handling welding tasks involving small appliance or computer parts. However, they are ideal for welding jobs producing large equipment pieces for large appliances, industrial parts, and vehicle parts. 

There are a lot of welding tasks at your site that need to be done in tight spaces

Industrial processes sometimes require welding to be carried out in tight spaces. This is difficult for employees using standard equipment. However, automatic girth welders can handle welding easily in tight spaces where traditional welding equipment could be cumbersome to use or impossible to use with precision. 

You're typically doing horizontal welds at your site

One welding scenario where using an automatic girth welder is ideal is when horizontal welds need to be put on metal parts that are hanging up. If this is a common scenario at your facility, you could probably benefit from an automatic girth welder.

You're concerned about safety at your work site because welded seams are hard for your employees to safely reach

Welding tasks can be carried out more safely in a variety of scenarios with the help of an automatic girth welder. If you are concerned that welding tasks need to be carried out in awkward positions or up high off the ground, using an automatic girth welder could protect your employees and prevent work site accidents.  

You have a shortage of staff members available for handling essential welding tasks

An individual employee can be more productive with welding when using an automatic girth welder. With this type of machinery, the machine itself is handling welding. This can help to free up your staff members and accommodate for any employee shortages you may be experiencing.