Extruded Stucco: The Easy Way To Add Trim To Your Home

Many homeowners like the look of stucco when it comes to the exterior of their residence. Applying real stucco can be a long and arduous process. The product must be slathered on in just the right thickness, then allowed to sit undisturbed in the sun for a lengthy period of time before it fully dries.

If not applied correctly, stucco trim can become fragile and start to crumble. Extruded stucco trim can be used instead of real stucco to help you achieve your desired look.

What is Extruded Stucco?

Extruded stucco is a type of faux stucco product that is used in place of real stucco for a variety of applications. To create extruded stucco, specialized polymers are mixed into authentic stucco.

Once the ratio is correct, the extruded stucco becomes more stable than it's authentic counterpart. This stability provides homeowners with the durability they are looking for when it comes to adding stucco trim to a residential property.

How Does Extruded Stucco Work?

After the polymers are mixed into authentic stucco, the mixture is placed into an extruder in preparation for manufacturing. The process is similar to pushing modeling clay through a tube to create a variety of three-dimensional shapes.

Once the stucco passes through the extruder, it is applied to a trim panel. The panels serve as the structural support for extruded stucco, and they also facilitate the application of the extruded stucco to your home.

Panels filled with extruded stucco are placed into industrial ovens. These ovens mimic the high temperatures of sun exposure in order to accelerate the drying process. Extruded stucco trim is always sold fully dried, cut to size, and ready to install on your home's exterior.

Is Extruded Stucco Better?

Extruded stucco trim is often thought of as being a superior product when compared with its authentic counterpart. The controlled drying process makes it easier to extend the life of your trim. Extruded stucco can also offer you more control during the application process.

You won't have to worry about stucco splashing or dripping onto areas of your home's exterior where you don't want stucco to be applied with extruded stucco panels.

If you are thinking of adding stucco trim to your home's exterior, consider the benefits that you will enjoy when working with extruded stucco. This particular stucco product allows you to achieve the look of stucco without all of the mess associated with genuine s