Work For An Industrial Company And Buying Thread Gages? 3 Different Types That Are Available

If you work for an industrial company and have been told that you need to purchase thread gages, you will quickly find there are different types available.  This is important as there are standards you must follow when it comes to these parts. To help you know what you should purchase, below are three different types of thread gages you will find on the market today that help you get your job done.

Flexible Hole Thread Gages

Flexible hole thread gages can assist you in inspecting the locations of threaded holes in the parts. This then helps you determine the correct distances for the threaded holes so the screw fits properly. This type of gage will work well no matter the type of hole you are working with. You can find flexible hole thread gages in metric sizes or in unified sizes.

As you are using the flexible hole thread gages keep an eye on the bottom of the gage as it will wear out over time. Once this happens the gage will not provide you with the correct distances of the threaded holes.

Straight Pipe Thread Gages

Straight pipe thread gages are used to determine the size of the threads in the internal part. This gage can be used to calibrate threads of the part. This gage can also be used to calibrate thread parts and straighten the thread ring.

You can use straight pipe thread gages to inspect internal rings for wear. This will ensure all gages that you use stay in good condition, so you know you are always meeting set standards.

Truncated Thread Gages

This type of thread gage is used to set adjustable thread gages and for calibration. You can also use truncated thread gages to check for wear and tear. The first half of the gage is shortened in diameter. The rest of the gage is the normal size in diameter. The shorter section is used to determine the right pitch diameter. The second half is used to determine if the angle in the products are correct. The second half also ensures the thread diameters are correct for the thread rings.

Talk to a company that sells industrial thread gages, like WEST port, to learn much more about them. This company can also give you information about other types of thread gages available for you to purchase to ensure you purchase the right type.