Distinguishing Fluid Pumps From Other Pumps And Why It Matters

Fluid pumps are exactly how they sound; they pump fluids. This could be water, wastewater, chemicals, high viscosity oils, etc.. It is important that, if you need any sort of fluid pump, you are able to distinguish the kind of fluid pump you need from other fluid pumps and distinguish the fluid pumps from other types of pumping systems. There are reasons why, as well as ways in which to distinguish one particular fluid pump from other fluid and general purpose pumps.

Picking a Pump

There are so many pumps that you would first need to decide what kind of pump you want and need. For the sake of argument, let's say that you need a piston fluid pump. This type of pump utilizes a piston and piston chamber, similar to a hydraulic system, to create a lot of air pressure and a vacuum. The vacuum created is on the side of the pump where the fluid is pulled from a connecting pipe. The pressure on the opposite end of the pump pushes the fluid along into another pipe after the vacuum from the other end has drawn the liquid up, in and through the pump.

Recognizing How This Pump Is Different from Other Pumps

In selecting a piston pump, you can see how this pump is different from other pumps. It is able to move purely liquid to mildly thick liquids (e.g., corn syrup, motor oil, etc.) along in the pipes. It falls under the category of "reciprocating positive displacement" pumps, which are pumps that have a reciprocating part (i.e., the piston), and they positively displace fluid from a chamber or pipe into another chamber or pipe. There are other fluid pumps under this same category, but a piston pump is most easily recognized due to its inner piston and cylindrical chamber.

Why It Matters

General purpose pumps may be used for moving fluids, semi-solids, liquids, and even solids in the form of particulates. This differentiates general purpose pumps from liquid pumps, which only move liquids. If the only substances you want to move through plumbing, pipes, and into or from holding tanks are liquids, and you only deal in liquids in your factory, then a fluid pump is exactly what you need. It is also the only kind of pump you need. Be sure to study any and all pumps you currently have in place, and order a similar pump to replace it.

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