Closed Door Policy: 3 Ways To Keep Unwanted Visitors Out Of Your Office

Whether you work as a therapist, a personal trainer, or an accountant, there are a variety of reasons you may maintain a closed door policy for passersby of your office. But even with a closed door policy in place, you are likely to face people who want to walk on into your office anyway. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help keep unwanted visitors out of your office both during and after business hours. Consider implementing one or more of the following ideas:

Install a Gate in the Front

Installing a new gate in front of your office door will help remind people not to enter if they don't have an appointment. You can keep the gate locked any time of the day to ensure that passersby can't get past it. Make sure the gate you install is at least five feet in height so people can't easily jump over it to gain access to your office or its immediate surrounding areas. Check out a company like Gates by Iron Horse Welding Inc for assistance installing a gate.

Incorporate Keypad Access

Even with a gate in place, it's a good idea to incorporate keypad access on your office's front door. You can have a different code programmed for each of your clients into the key system. This will give your clients access to your office when they're scheduled for an appointment without having to share a new code with them every time they arrive. It's important to have each client sign a confidentiality agreement when they receive their access codes to help ensure that the codes aren't shared with others who aren't clients of yours. You'll also need to turn off keypad access for everyone but yourself and your management team after hours so clients can't get into the office when you are not there to greet them.

Introduce Reminder Signs

Hang a sign on your gate or near the sidewalk that reminds passersby about your closed door policy on a daily basis. Ensure that the sign explains what the consequences are for ignoring the warnings on it, and make sure that you follow through with any actions you've committed to take against those who ignore your closed door policy, such as calling the police. Your closed door policy will be taken seriously if warnings are posted and the consequences laid out aren't just a bluff.

With the help of the methods and techniques listed here, you should find that it's both easy and convenient to keep your office safe from visits of unwanted passersby and unannounced client walk-ins.