A Guide To Caring For Your Vineyard

In the same way that you reap a harvest in direct correlation with the work that you put in during the reaping seasons, you will get quality performance out of your wine and your vineyard when you take great care of it. Whether your vineyard is for personal collection or for profit, you owe it to yourself to put the tips below into action, so that your wine is fine and so that your efforts are not in vain. 

Keep Tabs On Your Hedging Maintenance

Properly trimming and pruning your bushes is important for far more than just aesthetic reasons. If left unchecked, these bushes on the property of your vineyard will grow out of control, creating an unruly space that is hard to navigate. If you want your grapes to have the space and freedom to blossom, you should trim your plants down so that there are about 10 to 15 leaves growing in the same vicinity of your grapes. Maintaining this amount of leaves will keep your plant trim, while still providing your grapes the nutrients they need to ripen. Whipping out a nice set of pruning shears every season will go a long way in this regard. 

Put Up High Quality Vineyard Netting To Keep The Birds Away

When you allow birds to have free reign over your vineyard, not only will they eat away at your plants, they will also create fungus and bacteria that will throw off your wine's flavor. Putting up vineyard nets allows for a strong barrier, along with protection from ultraviolet rays, a gentle material that does not damage your grapes or your leaves and the peace of mind to know that your plants are protected from pests in a non-toxic and humane manner. 

Get Regular Maintenance From A Vineyard Professional

As you know, making good wine is both an art and a science. It takes years of experience to learn the best methods and practices to get the most of your vineyard, so you can retain quality maintenance as you learn by hiring a vineyard professional. These professionals will give you their expertise to make sure that your plants are in excellent condition throughout the years. This investment into the hiring a professional for routine care virtually guarantees success and reward from your vineyard. 

Consider these three points and follow them in order to get the biggest benefits out of your vineyard.